Lending money for interest is forbidden by the Muslim Religion. The Jewish Religion and also Christian. Religions have laws against high interest rates when money is loaned.


People have known for thousands of years that the borrowing and loaning of money is an act that is EVIL and brings nothing but pain to the people involved. People who lend money have been hated through the centuries. The Jews, as the money lenders of Europe, were ostracized and frequently killed during the many pogroms that took place in Europe during the centuries.

All scholars, from the Classical Greeks to the present day have argued that lending is wrong.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia in its article on Usury

St. Thomas Aquinas, the leading theologian of the Catholic Church, argued charging of interest is wrong because it amounts to “double charging”, charging for both the thing and the use of the thing. Aquinas said this would be morally wrong in the same way as if one sold a bottle of wine, charged for the bottle of wine, and then charged for the person using the wine to actually drink it. Similarly, one cannot charge for a piece of cake and for the eating of the piece of cake. Yet this, said Aquinas, is what usury does. Money is exchange-medium. It is used up when it is spent. To charge for the money and for its use (by spending) is to charge for the money twice. It is also to sell time since the usurer charges, in effect, for the time that the money is in the hands of the borrower. Time, however, is not a commodity that anyone can sell.


Energy is the source of all movement. Money, is a convenient way that humans can quantify energy. But, we all know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Yet, when we lend money and demand interest we are, in essence, trying to create energy. People who borrow, must repay more energy than they receive. This is unnatural and, ultimately, always fails.

interest rates

The interest that must be paid is resented by the borrower, and the repayment is always done with anger – especially, if the interest rates are high. The work done in order to repay the interest does not accrue to the active economy, but rather to the passive wealth of the lender. Ultimately, this sequestration of monetary energy will force the economy to fail.

The present economic depression, the Great Depression of the 1930’s and the coming destruction of the Euro, are all caused by excessive lending. Every State in the United States and the U.S. Federal Government, all Pension Plans, including Social Security  and the entire U.S. population have used borrowing as a fake method of using energy.

In order to resolve the enormous debt that has accumulated in the United States, the population would have to work, without compensation, for decades. That will not happen. People will take the easy way out. The States, the Federal Government, the Pension Plans and the Population will all default. The U.S. Economy will change form, as lenders find that their paper if worthless and that the people who borrowed cannot repay.


The Europeans followed the same path as the Americans. All the Southern European countries are in a level of debt that repayments impossible. Unfortunately, the Euro is a false currency. The Euro is used by 16 of the 27 members of the EU– but it is not backed by any member of the EU. I remember when the Euro was touted to the European population. We must remember that the European Union is nothing but a marketing scheme for international business.


By having a “Common Market,” large business can standardize shipping and selling and make more profit. The EURO was created to facilitate large marketing. When the Euro was being discussed, the selling points to the Europeans appealed to their laziness. They were told they wouldn’t have to calculate exchange rates, and that they wouldn’t end up with foreign change in their purses.

They were never told that if another country could not or would not pay its debts, that they would have to give that country their hard earned capital. Now the people of Northern Europe are learning that if they want to keep their Euro, they will have to pay the debts of the PIIGS– Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain.

The people of Germany have already stated through their Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, that they will not pay these debts!


The only reason any individual or government pays its debts is to borrow again in the future. Once a high level of debt has been achieved, borrowing in the future becomes a visit to a fantasy land. The U.S. government is so far in debt that its bonds may soon be downgraded by the rating agencies.

US Closer to Losing AAA Rating Moody’s Says High Debt May Bring Down Rating

By Luke Burgess, Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Moody’s Investors Service says the U.S. and the UK have moved “substantially” closer to losing their AAA credit rating due to unsustainable debt levels.

Under the ratings company’s baseline scenario, the United States will spend more to service its debt service as a percentage of revenue this year than any other top-rated country except the UK, and will be the biggest spender from 2011 to 2013.

The U.S. government will spend about 7% of its revenue servicing debt in 2010 and almost 11% in 2013, according to the baseline scenario of moderate economic recovery.

Under its adverse scenario, which assumes 0.5% lower growth each year, less fiscal adjustment, and a stronger interest-rate shock, the U.S. will be paying about 15% of revenue in interest payments – more than the 14% limit that would lead to a downgrade to AA, Moody’s said.”

It is becoming clear that the U.S. will not be able to pay back its lenders, as it sinks deeper and deeper into an economic depression. In Europe, we see the following:







These figures go back to 2007 and are worse today. What we are seeing is that the Southern European countries, in particular, Italy, owe more than half of their GDP to lenders. Normally, if these countries had their own currency, they could then devalue their currency and live with their debt. Since their currency, the Euro, is used by other countries this cannot occur.

As a consequence, the other countries of Europe who use the Euro are seeing their international purchasing power eroded. The fact that weak countries are weakening strong countries produces dissatisfaction amongst the strong countries. This is a parasitical relationship. It resembles the parasitical relationship of people who do not want to work, living off the income of the hard workers.

Eventually, the hard workers of Europe will realize that they are paying for the prolifically of their neighbors. At that point, they will drop the Euro.

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