I see and hear it everywhere. On the Internet. On T.V. On the radio. In the newspapers. “Learn your Credit Score! Free!”

FIRST RULE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE: Nothing is “free”! Everything requires energy and therefore, cost. “Free” = “Lie”

Apart from not being “Free” Credit Scores are a devious way of making economically healthy people into economically sicker people.

The U.S. is over 14 trillion dollars in debt. Most countries in Europe are in debt. Debt is about to destroy the global economy. Debt
is pernicious, addictive and destructive. “Debt” is a form of economic poison.

A person searching for or wanting to know his or her credit score is subconsciously about to harm himself or herself by going into debt.


A simple perusal of the news will indicate that countries with debt are on the edge of ruin. Individuals with debt ultimately ruin their personal lives. It is quite obvious that the more debt you owe the weaker you are financially, socially and mentally.

Why borrow anything? Would you drink just a “little bit” of a poison?

Whenever you buy anything using debt you are paying approximately twenty-five percent more for the object or service.

Your future has suddenly become insecure, because no matter how much you borrowed, it must be repaid. If an accident occurs and you do not repay, you become subject to the laws of borrowing which always favor the lender.

Banks are the friends of governments, and all laws made by governments favor banks or other lending institutions.

In addition, paying 25 percent more for anything is being more than being imprudent, it is stupid.

Yes, houses and cars are expensive. Rent your house. Save for your car and buy a small one.

Do not worry about your Credit Score! Paying cash for anything is always pleasant.

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