RUSSIAN HEAT WAVE. Climate change ‘partly to blame’ for sweltering Moscow

By Katia Moskvitch, Science reporter, BBC News

Extreme heat and wildfires have led to a blanket of smog over Moscow

Global climate change is partly to blame for the abnormally hot and dry weather in Moscow, cloaked in a haze of smoke from wildfires, say researchers.

The UK Met Office said there are likely to be more extreme high temperatures in the future.

Experts from the environmental group WWF Russia have also linked climate change and hot weather to raging wildfires around the Russian capital.

Some long-term records have been broken – for example the highest daily temperature in Moscow. We expect more extreme high temperatures as the climate changes. This means that when weather fluctuations promote high temperatures, there is more likelihood of records being broken.

Levels of air pollutants have exceeded the norm

The head of the climate and energy programme at WWF Russia, Alexei Kokorin, said the abnormal temperatures soaring to up to 40C increased the likelihood of wildfires around the capital.

And though this summer in Moscow had proven harsh for people and animals alike, it was possible that temperatures would continue to rise over the years to come, he warned

Dr. Pinna says:

Unfortunately for the Russians, Russia is a flat forest lying on masses of dead vegetation called Peat. It is a wild fire waiting to happen. In situations like this, there are always sick minds that enjoy starting wild fires. We have seen that often in Australia.

Moscow wildfires

The Police have to be very strict, and every citizen must report any suspicious activity. The Government should plant fast growing green vegetation in open areas to cover the dried vegetation. That will help to prevent fires.

The people of Russia should turn away from hydrocarbons as fuel. Solar, wind, hydro-electric and nuclear are better sources of energy. The type of albedo or land cover is very important. Dark colors retain heat, light colors reflect heat.

Water must not be wasted. It should be used to grow more trees and cover all dry ground.

Russia is the last outpost of the Caucasian People. Their culture is great and unique. I would not like to see it succumb to a climate that was changed mostly by the U.S. and Western Europe.

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