fronds of the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum

fronds of the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Sanford Pinna, M.D.

Copyright 2012


Most Asians eat “Seaweed” daily.


Most Europeans and Americans do not know what “Seaweed” is!


It is amazing that a food so rich in nutrients is completely

ignored by half the population of the world!


Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that the people of the

West live far from the ocean.  Or, they don’t see the value in

a vegetable that grows freely in the water, without being tended

to by farmers and not sold in their markets.


Most of the people of the West construe “Seaweed” as

a “Weed” and not a vegetable.  Asians, since they live close

to the sea, on various islands, such as Japan and Indonesia,

have learned over the centuries, that seaweed can provide

them, not only with nutrition, but also with “medicine”

that helps them clear infections, arthritis and other diseases.




Seaweed is not a “weed” nor is it a plant.


It is a group of cells which are called “Algae.”


Here is the definition:


“Any of various chiefly aquatic, eukaryotic, photosynthetic organisms, ranging in size from single-celled forms to the giant kelp. Algae were once considered to be plants but are now classified separately because they lack true roots, stems, leaves, and embryos.”


We can see that “seaweed” is a group of cells that live in

saltwater and get their energy from the sun.


Their nutrition in turn comes from the sea water.


Sea water has minerals and micro-organisms that provide

the cells of Algae with abundant constituents to form new cells.


Whichever animal eats these algae (seaweed) gains a

concentration of these nutrients.


It is said that “seaweed” has a “hundred times” the

nutritional value of land based vegetables.


I am not sure that the term “A hundred times” is

accurate, but one thing is certain:


Seaweed has very few calories compared to its weight

or volume.


That is because it has almost no carbohydrate.


Coming from sea water, it manufactures protein for its

cellular structure and fiber to hold its cells together.


The carbohydrate found in land based vegetables serves

as a source of energy for the plant whenever its water supply

and the nutrition in the ground are deficient.


The nutrition in seawater is always constant.  There

has never been a need for these algae to evolve into a

carbohydrate producing group of cells.


In essence, seaweed represents the beginning of life.


Before cells moved from the oceans to land, they

lived in seawater and obtained their energy from the sun.


Thus, when you eat seaweed, you are eating the

primitive beginnings of plant life.


And, you are getting the fundamental factors which

all living things need for survival.


Understanding this concept should make you want

to try a food source which half the world has used since the beginning

of mankind.

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