If you didn’t eat your:





…don’t start running fast because you may not get where you intended to go. Your MAGNESIUM levels may be low and you could leave a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend behind crying.

Evidently, low magnesium levels can kill you. So can fighting in Afghanistan.


I sometimes think that some scientists lay awake at night, wondering what can kill people besides atom bombs and bullets.

Here it is:

Magnesium Levels May Influence Sudden Cardiac Death

By David Douglas, from Reuters Health Information

NEW YORK, Dec 08, 2010 – Higher levels of plasma and dietary magnesium appear to be related to a lower risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD), researchers report in a November 24th online paper in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Stephanie E Chiuve told Reuters Health by email, “SCD is a major public health problem,” and “primary prevention efforts are crucial to significantly lower overall SCD incidence.”

In cellular and experimental models, magnesium has antiarrhythmic properties. Autopsies have also shown lower magnesium levels in SCD victims compared to those with trauma.


Dr. Chiuve of the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, and colleagues sought to determine whether there was evidence of a relationship between magnesium and SCD in the general population. The team prospectively examined data on more than 88,000 female participants in the Nurses’ Health Study. Over 26 years of follow-up, there were 505 cases of sudden or arrhythmic death.

Further analysis showed that SCD was significantly lower in women in the highest quartile of plasma magnesium compared with those in the lowest (relative risk, 0.23). This was also true to a lesser extent for dietary magnesium (relative risk, 0.63). Each 0.25-mg/dL (1 SD) increment in plasma magnesium was associated with a 41% lower risk of SCD.

Thus, continued Dr. Chiuve, “In our study, higher magnesium, in plasma and in the diet, is associated with lower risk of sudden cardiac death.nThe majority of Americans do not meet the recommended daily allowance for magnesium intake. Therefore increasing magnesium intake may provide a potential strategy for the primary prevention of sudden cardiac death.”

Dr. Pinna says:

Give me a break! When someone has sudden cardiac death, it is in the newspapers and on the Drudge Report!


Your chances of getting hit by a car driven by a monkey are greater–although, some of the people I see today do look like monkeys… (505 CASES IN 26 YEARS!)

At any rate, carry a few raisins in your wallet or pocket book. If you feel like you’re having a cardiac arrest gobble them down. This will certainly save you.

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