I have never in my life supported the candidacy of any individual for the U.S Presidency. I have never supported the candidacy of any individual for any office. To be quite succinct, I have never voted for any political candidate in my entire life! I am not registered with any political party and have never been registered with a political party.

Political parties, such as the Democratic Party and the Republican in the U.S., are corrupt groups financed by wealthy corporations and foreign governments who are looking to steal money from the American governments.

Since the U.S. is a two party system of government, and each party determines whom their candidate will be, it is an absolute joke to think an independent candidate will be chosen.


For example, the largest donor to the Democratic Party is HAIM SABBAN, an Israeli political activist.

Haim Sabban is a multi-billionaire and supports all projects for the Democratic party, which in turn supports and subsidies Israel and foments military conflicts against the Muslims of the Middle East such as they are now supporting in Afghanistan.


Most American Jews support the Democratic party, which chose a Kenyan/American for President knowing they could easily control him and the idiots that voted for him.

American Jews still support Obama in spite of the economic disaster his administration is forcing on the U.S. by giving their friends the banks, trillions of dollars. They are worried about subsidies to Israel and the continuation of the Afghan war which detracts the world’s attention from the plight of the Palestinians.


The Republican party, another hard-nosed institution which governs who their candidates will be, is controlled by the rich and ravenous banks and other large businesses, such as the American Auto Industry with its parasitic Union, the UAW.

They work hand in hand with the Democratic party to chose which of the two candidates will win. In the election between Obama and McCain, they chose an absolutely “Non-Winner” called McCain so that there would be no doubt that Obama would win.


Both American political parties are totally corrupt and work together. They hide their corruption through the use of a media which they completely own and control.

Yet, the American public, like publics throughout the world, feel that they have a voice in determining the shape of their government. This situation has been prevalent throughout the world since the aristocracy was partially dismembered over a century ago.


This woman enters the political fray in America, facing an established organization, known as the Republican Party.

As an experienced tax attorney, she cannot be naïve about the force she is facing. Her only chance lies in evoking so much public arousal in her favor, that the entrenched Republican bureaucrats fear opposing her.

That is a way out possibility.

They also might pair her with a vice presidential candidate that would downgrade her prominence.

I like her and her value system and her character–and her good looks. Life is full of surprises. This may be one of them…

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