The Power Groups who run the U.S. Government and the U.S. Economy have decided to follow the lead of the Coca Cola Company in their marketing of their product.

The U.S. Power Groups are marketing a human tool whose Trade Name is Obama and who tries constantly to reduce the level of American Understanding of economic and political realities.

The Coca Cola Company is marketing a drink containing Caffeine, High Fructose Corn Syrup and other harmful ingredients.

In essence, both of these products: Obama AND Coca Cola are harmful to the American Public. We do not know how harmful Obama will be, but Coca Cola has probably killed more people than died in World War Two. Imagine giving infants, toddlers and kids caffeine and high fructose corn syrup in a formula related to the leaf that produces cocaine?

It has recently been reported that soda causes cancer!

Also, imagine, a leader of the most powerful military country on the planet, who cannot speak English without a foreign accent, and who constantly has to read his speeches from teleprompters? Who supposedly is an American citizen but refuses to disclose his birth certificate?

Since, both Obama and Coca Cola are harmful and potentially dangerous, it is understandable that the owners of both products will use the same techniques to market their products.


Anyone who has studied marketing knows that the first rule of a successful campaign is to get the product in front of the consumer.

There are Coca Cola signs on the North and South Poles and in every city on the planet. If you were in a submarine you will see fallen Coca Cola signs on the bottom of every ocean. The people of the Earth read Coca Cola signs every few hours. When they are thirsty, the first thought that comes to their mind is: “I need a Coke!”

The fact that Coca Cola is the best selling drink in the world is proof that one can sell poison to the people of the world if the name of that poison is repeated so often that the world’s population has that name in its mind constantly.

Now, the owners of Obama are using that technique with the American people. Obama is put on television and radio at least once daily and also during every crisis anywhere in the world. His name is mentioned in news releases by the State Owned Media so often that he is beginning to eclipse Coca Cola as a name. If any American thinks about the American Government the first thought that comes to his mind is Obama.

This process is known in Advertising as “Name Recognition.”


The Coca Cola Company knows that humans love anything that tastes sweet. For that reason their product is perfectly sweet. Coca Cola is not overly sweet nor is it bland. It has a sweetness which appeals to the majority of humans, especially young humans.

The Obama owners have not ignored this. Obama has also been marketed as a sweet product. Being half African and half White he is can be seen as attractive to all racial groups. When he reads his prepared speeches he always offers small gifts to the listeners, and glosses over any ideas that might seem negative, thereby insuring that people like him as a product.


Coca Cola has caffeine as a major ingredient. Caffeine is a very addictive substance. When children are given caffeine on a daily basis they begin to crave it after exposure for a few months. This is a major selling device for the Coca Cola Company.

The Coca Cola Company has produced some products with the same name which were caffeine free. Nobody wants them. They have been sales failures. People want their “Caffeine Fix” and not simply cold sweet water.

diet coke

The Obama owners are using the same technique with their product. Obama tells the American people that he will give them something “good” whenever he speaks.

“I am going to give you jobs!” a smiling Obama says.

“I am going to give you “Free Health Care” he reminds everybody.

“I am going to stop all wars,” he says as he orders more troops to Afghanistan.

Getting gifts is pleasant and addictive.

The American people are getting addicted to a smiling mixed-race gentleman who carefully reads his prepared speeches and tells them everything they want to hear.

The owners of Obama are true professionals. They know how to sell a product.


The owners of Obama want to stay in business, just like the Coca Cola Company.

The Coca Cola Company, throughout its history, has given free samples of its product to its innocent public–knowing that anything “free” brings about a positive reaction.

The owners of Obama are following the same path. They are reassuring the American public that everything the American Government is doing and will do will result in “Free” gifts to all Americans. No more hard work, no more taxes and no more unemployment. Education for all. Fairness for all. Government control of “Big Business.” No more cheating by politicians or lobbyists.



The Coca Cola Company and the Obama Company know how to control the public. They will probably be around for the next century, unless another company comes out with a “Pepsi Cola” which has better flavor and is more addictive.

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