Most Europeans and Americans believe that Political Corruption only exists in poor countries. That is the equivalent of thinking that the only crimes are committed by poor people. In reality, the worst crimes are committed by the richest people; and the most political corruption occurs in the richest countries.

The reason for the disparity between the observation and the reality, is because the crimes and the corruption are super sophisticated. The observer must study both crimes and corruption like a lawyer in order to recognize where the laws are broken.

Corrupt politicians and super criminals have analyzed the legal system to an extremely fine degree. They   know that words are inaccurate conveyors of reality.

Laws can always be interpreted in many different ways. That is why we need attorneys and judges to define their meaning. That is why decisions by judges are appealed and re-appealed until only the 12 men and women of the Supreme Court can make the final decision, which frequently, is overturned by a different Supreme Court.

Thus, when I say Political Corruption, I mean it in the true  sense. The sense in which an ethical person would interpret an action or activity.

It is well known that approximately half of all congressmen, senators and representatives, are multi-millionaires. Their salary is insufficient to allow them to save these large quantities of money. We can only conclude that their fortunes were made from gifts given to them from appreciative companies who wanted the laws changed to serve their interests.

In the U.S., this activity of gifts to change the laws falls under a type of activity called Lobbying.

Lobbying is so obviously a form of corruption, that every politician swears to do away with it. Obama, in order to get elected, promised the American public that he would reduce lobbying.

The Financial Times of London reviewed the last year’s results in this article:

By Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Washington, published: February 12 2010


US President Barack Obama swept into the White House on the back of a promise to rein in the pervasive influence of lobbyists in government.

But an analysis of lobbying records released on Friday shows that corporations spent more money than ever lobbying members of Congress in 2009, even amid the worst recession in decades.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, corporations and other interest groups spent a total of $3.47bn  on federal lobbyists last year, a 5 per cent increase from 2008, which broke all previous records.


The lobbying frenzy peaked in the fourth quarter of 2009, which hit a record of $955m spent, just as negotiations over the now stalled healthcare reform supported by the Obama administration were ramped up on Capitol Hill.

“Lobbying appears recession-proof,” said Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center. “Even when companies are scaling back other operations, many view lobbying as a critical tool in protecting their future interests.”

The pharmaceutical and health products industry broke all records by spending $267m last year, in what the Center’s analysts said was the “greatest amount ever spent on lobbying efforts by a single industry for one year”.

Not all of those funds were spent rallying against healthcare, however.

The pharmaceutical industry’s main lobby group, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) spent $26m lobbying in favour of healthcare reform after it negotiated an $80bn deal with the Senate and White House last summer that critics said was a gift to the industry.

The chief negotiator of that deal, former congressman Billy Tauzin, on Friday announced his resignation as president of the trade group. Mr Tauzin, who has run the association since 2005, said he would formally step down in June.

The move, which comes as the White House and Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill are struggling to find a way to pass healthcare reform, raises questions about how solid the Obama administration’s deal with the big pharmaceutical companies is at a time of political upheaval.

On Friday in a statement PhRMA said it would continue to support healthcare reform. “We continue to believe that all Americans should have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare coverage and services.”


Democrats lost their crucial 60th vote in the Senate after Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts seat in January. The setback came just as lawmakers in the House and Senate were finalising the details on healthcare reform.

Liberals in the House were angered by the White House deal with the pharmaceutical companies, which if passed would force Big Pharma to pay $80bn over 10 years to help the elderly pay for their drugs. In exchange, the Senate stripped the legislation of provisions that would have been damaging to the industry, such as allowing cheaper drug imports from abroad.

Other big spenders included the oil and gas industry, insurance groups and computer and internet companies.

It is rather obvious that American style political corruption is growing every year. It is much more sophisticated than corruption in the Third World, and it is much more deadly.

Americans actually believe their President and Congressmen are honest. This self delusion is much worse than knowing the truth about the politicians that are robbing you.

Intellectual blindness makes the American public an easy target; and at the moment they are being fleeced like sheep.

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