For the first time in the history of Europeans, men have decided to shave the hair off their heads and reveal the shape and size of their skulls.

This has never been done before in Europe. It is fairly common amongst Asian Buddhist monks, and other religious groups in the East, but it has been unknown amongst Europeans or men of the Western Hemisphere.


It is unknown, at the moment, why European men are shaving their heads.  It can be seen, however, that men who are partially bald are those who most frequently shave their heads, thereby avoiding the stigma of baldness.

The reason why men suddenly decided to shave their heads is unknown…but, it is very revealing.

When I joined the U.S. Marine Corps and was taken to “Boot Camp” in Parris Island, South Carolina, I saw what this scalp shaving produced.

The U.S. Marines want men to realize that they are all equal and must care for each other like brothers. There is no better way to engender this attitude than by shaving off all hair on the scalp and producing a group of young males who identify with each other as Skin Heads.

I was a Skin Head and so were all my comrades.  We looked at each other, seeing the skulls, with their strange lumps and bumps, and we knew we were in for tough times. But, we were all the same, almost like the Buddhist Monks.


PHRENOLOGY is the study of the human skull.

In the early part of the Nineteenth Century, scientists became convinced that Human Nature could be revealed by the shape, size and bumps of the skull. They drew intricate maps of the brain, which located all the various characteristics of the mind and personality, such as Aggresivity, Hate, Love, Affection etc., and then proclaimed that the bony skull would form around these areas.

shaved man

Thus, if there was an elevated bump above “Affection” a scientist of that era could say that the person with that skull and that bump was “Affectionate.”

The entire “science” of Phrenology was proven to be worthless. The bumps and lumps of the skull had no relationship to anything except the rate of speed of the bone growing during the embryonic stage.

Today, science is certain that Phrenology was a sorry mistake of science during a period when people believed they could divine all the answers to all the questions of reality.


However, one measurement of the skull stood the test of time. That was the measurement of the skull which determined what quantity of brain was carried in the skull. That quantity of brain was called the “Cranial Capacity” of the skull.

If you took a skull and then measured the amount of liquid which could be held within the barriers of the skull, you had a good estimate of the amount of neurons that particular brain had. The amount of neurons in the brain of an animal has a direct relationship to the intelligence of the animal.

The science of “Cranial Capacity” has developed in many different directions. It has been established, without question, that average cranial capacities for groups is indicative of intelligence.


For the individual, however, cranial capacity is not necessarily indicative of anything. For example, elephants have huge cranial capacities, and they are considered more intelligent than other species, such as lions or deer. Amongst elephants, however, one big head is not necessarily brighter than a smaller elephant head.

In humans, the same rule applies. Einstein, for example, did not have a huge head, but he is considered one of the smartest humans to have lived.  It is interesting to note that Einstein’s brain, not the skull, had a different structure than the normal brain.

When we look at the scalp encasing the skull, we are only seeing the packaging of the brain. What is inside the package is essentially unknown. However, the size of the package, does reveal something about the owner.


The size of the skull tells us something about the quantity of neurons within the skull.

If we look at different genetic groups we can see readily the difference in size and its correlation with intelligence, motor skills and behavior. In humans, scientists have discovered that different areas of the brain underlie different abilities and different behavior.


There is an approximately ten percent difference in brain size, and therefore skull size, between males and females.


This difference in brain size correlates with the difference  in body size, and is found in all species. This difference in  size also translates into difference in skills and difference in behavior as we see, for example, in male and female lions.

In other words, skull size which represents brain size, not only reflects intelligence, it reflects behavior.


If we travel around the world, we see that different genetic groups have different average skull sizes. Individuals within the group have great variations of skull size, but the groups differ from each other.

According to the latest scientific reasoning, none of these size differences have any valid implication for any type of behavior.

I will let the reader decide as to whether modern science is making valid scientific deductions and not valid political deductions. The reader can also decide whether the men he sees with shaved heads are not revealing beauty, but rather, something negative about their anatomy.

I,  personally,  think that the Age of the “Skin Heads” will soon draw to a close.

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  1. Memememememe says:

    people are shaving heads now because most of the time it looks better than little tufts of balding hair clinging on for dear life—–bald is beautiful! I’m a woman who does it every few years just because I like it :). Personally, there is no political/religious agenda, and for most people I don’t think there is either.

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