A new study, reported in Medscape Medical News, states that walking two hours or more per week protects women against stroke.

Women who walk 2 or more hours a week, especially at a brisk pace, are significantly less likely to experience any type of stroke than women who do not walk, according to long-term follow-up findings from the Women’s Health Study (WHS).


Findings were published online April 6 and will appear in the June issue of Stroke.


This study adds to the evidence, that physical activity of any sort, protects our arteries from an accumulation of fatty deposits which impede the flow of blood.

If we are not active, our blood moves very slowly, and, like the mud in a slow river, the fat in our blood falls to the bottom and attaches to the arterial walls. These depositions of fats are the ultimate cause of strokes and heart attacks.

Jacob Sattelmair, MSc, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, found that during an average follow-up of 11.9 years, walking time and walking pace were inversely related, either significantly or with borderline significance, to total, ischemic, and hemorrhagic stroke risk among 39,315 healthy US women 45 years and older who participated in the WHS.

This was a cohort of female health professionals, predominantly white, so they may not be representative of all middle-aged women in the US, but there really is no obvious reason to suggest that findings would necessarily be different in other populations,” Mr. Sattelmair told Medscape Neurology. “I think the overall take-home in terms of stroke prevention is that regular physical activity is essential to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease.

DR. PINNA says:


It makes little difference what you do, so long as you do something. Nature does not like stones sitting on the bottom of a lake – it covers them with mud.

You cannot remain healthy by watching TV or playing video games. You have to get off your butt and move!

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