By Sanford Pinna, M.D.

Now that the military situation in Afghanistan has been formally recognized as “Terminal” by the U.S. President Obama, a new area had to be opened so that the “Military-Industrial Complex” could continue to make money.

french troops

The new area had to be in a Third World Country, where killing civilians was acceptable to the Western Public.

The only place left is Africa. Asia is out of the question. No more Vietnams. China would slaughter any Western power that tried to bomb any of its neighbors.

South America is too sophisticated to allow Western forces to invade their countries. That leaves Africa. And, we are there today.

French Reasons To Attack

In MALI, a former French colony, Muslims are beginning to take over. Muslims, across the world, increase their populations through avoidance of birth control, and then become   leaders of the governments involved.

This is not illegal, but it gives Western powers a reason to use military force and increase the profits of specialized companies.

Thus, we hear France and other Western Powers denounce the Muslims as terrorists who might reach France and Europe. The Brits and the Americans are already sending in their troops and military aircraft. Since Afghanistan is gone, there is no other choice.


Africa will now be the new “Killing A rea” for the next ten years. Then, a new “Obama” will declare that it was all in vain—Africa is too large.

In that period of time some enormous profits will have been made, and many thousands of civilians and young men killed.

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