It is becoming quite evident to health organizations across the world that the “Bird Flu” scientifically known as “H7N9” is beginning to spread by human to human contact, and that it is now leaving China.

In a report to the World Health Organization, WHO, Taiwan stated that one of its citizens who visited China is now in intensive care with an infection of H7N9. The patient is critically sick and may die. He never came into contact with birds or animals.

bird flu


This indicates that the infection was caused by an air born virus which was spread from the lungs of another person who was infected and perhaps showed no signs of illness yet.

As of this date, April 24, 2013, over one hundred people have been infected with 22 deaths. A 22 percent mortality rate is high. If you look at the rate of infections, you will see an escalation that is of geometric proportions.

In Nature, when a growth of any event enters a geometrically increasing rate, then time becomes secondary to the growth rate. We know that doubling any number leads to astronomic quantities in a short period of time. In this case we are seeing a growth rate that exceeds doubling.

If the infections had remained in China, the rest of the world could watch and wait. Now that travelers to and from China are carrying the virus, this passive remedy will no longer work.

China is the new center of economic trade. There are hundreds of thousands of businessmen and tourists now travelling to China.

With a person to person spread of the virus, we should see cases arise in other parts of the world within two or three weeks.

Unfortunately, treatment modalities are very few. Two anti-viral drugs seem to be effective if given early. An examination of the news on the Internet shows no indication that new drugs will appear on the market within the next year.

It would be very unwise to travel to China today unless it was absolutely necessary. If the this virus results in a “Pandemic” we may see Chinese trade suffer severely.

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