When the Search Team from the Elitists that rule the USA went looking for a potential candidate for the Presidency of the USA, they had three criteria:

1. He Had to be an African-American.

The demographics of the USA was changing rapidly.

Whites were not reproducing. Immigrants and migrants from the poor countries of the world were entering the USA by the tens of millions.  The poor and the young were changing the electoral profile pyramid so much that any candidate who was liked by this group would definitely win any election.

2.  The man (women were still not accepted by the poorand the young as leaders) had to have a name that was easily memorizedHis name, in fact, should lie in the subconscious of all potential voters. 

The name that lies in the subconscious of all people on this planet is Coca-Cola. The candidate needed a name that would pop up as easily as Coca-Cola pops up, when anyone is asked: “Name your favorite drink!”

3. The man needed to be articulate, friendly, non-threatening and also appear poor rather than rich. He should speak English with a slight foreign accent as did most of his potential voters.

The Search Team found a young man who had these criteria, and who also was totally controllable by the Elitists.

His name, when the Search Team found him was: Barry Soetoro. However, when the Search Team explored his background they discovered that his father’s surname was OBAMA.

 The Search Team wanted two “O’s” and two “A’s” as in Coca-Cola, but they decided to compromise. “Obama”  is so close to “Coca-Cola” there would be little difference.

Nonetheless, they tested “Obama” on a group of uneducated young people and it was recognized instantly.

In the following years, they gradually educated Obama and sent him to the famous graduate schools of Columbia and Harvard.

The officials of these schools had dealt with the group numerous times.

The schools were accustomed to taking potential presidential candidates of dubious intelligence, lack of desire to become educated and generally with an addiction to drugs of various kinds.

They had hosted the Bush and Kennedy families and knew what to expect in the candidate, and what methods were needed to produce a “publically presentable” graduate.

Today, Barack Hussein Obama II is totally integrated with the majority of voters in the USA.

Most importantly, his name, OBAMA fits in with the subconscious name COCA-COLA.


When his opponents or detractors, such as conservative radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, repeat his name incessantly (OBAMA did this! OBAMA did that!) they are unaware that they are building up a subconscious voter identification with the name.

Advertising is very simple. Repeat a name often enough, and any person will recall it.

Look at the Coca-Cola signs all over the planet. Coca-Cola is just a sweet drink. BUT EVERYONE KNOWS IT AND LOVES IT.

In the Voting Booth I can see it all now… VOTER: “I wonder who I should vote for…??? “Maybe I should vote for Coca-Cola? What? Am I crazy? I meant Obama!”

Scenes like that will happen across the country. And, of course OBAMA, the “Coca-Cola Man”  will win this election!

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