Aging is ubiquitous. We all age and science does not know why.

In general, scientists and the lay public think that the causes lie in their diet. That  is why we are admonished to avoid foods containing fat and cholesterol and even salt.  Dietary instructions are rampant in all advice given by our “Scientists” who are educated and well respected but have no clue as to the fundamental causes of aging.

Since diet and exercise are something we can control, these scientists choose these areas for their advice. Their intentions are good, but their ignorance is immense.



Recently, a group of anthropologists decided to examine a group of “mummies” that is, bodies that were well preserved and carbon dated.  They were all four to six thousand years old.

In addition, the bodies were exhumed from four different areas of the world corresponding to four distinct types of diet. The mummies represented vegetarian diet, mixed diet, red meat diet and fish diet.

The bodies were then examined using CT Scanners. What the examiners were looking for were signs of atherosclerosis.

These signs are easily found. They consist of calcifications in the arteries where the cells of the inner layer of the arteries have died. When any cell in the body dies, scavenger cells remove the dead debris and deposit calcium to protect against further damage.

Lo and behold, the scientists found the same level of atherosclerosis in all the bodies, regardless of diet.


It tells us that diet, the ultra infamous culprit is not the cause of anything! We would love diet to be the cause of disease, because we can control diet. But, diet is irrelevant!

The aging process and the formation of atherosclerosis is the same today as it was six thousand years ago.


There is only one process that exists today and also existed throughout history.

That process is called: INFLAMMATION.


“Inflammation” is a term that describes the manifestations of a host’s body battling an army of invaders. We see the blood cells of the Host rushing in to envelope and conquer an invading horde of micro-organisms or cancer cells.

In this battle lies the essence of the Aging Process.


Our lovely Planet is filled with living organisms whose sole goal is survival, reproduction and growth.

Our adoring Sun gives us ample energy to move and our supportive planet gives us a home for shelter and water to dissolve our molecules which allows them to metabolize the nutrients we require for reproduction and invasion.

Everywhere we look, we see living creatures making an eternal effort to conquer their territory. The appearance of this infinite variety of “Life” ranges from the ultra-microscopic to the huge mammals found in the oceans and called Whales.

But, remember, Life is a constant battle for survival!

The Big against the Small is more pervasive than the Big against the Big or the Small against the Small.

Mammals have armies of defending cells which we call THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.

But trees and plants have their own methods of defeating the invading micro-organisms. Trees and plants produce oils and other molecules that destroy bacteria and fungi.  As humans, we have learnt that eating these oils, or rubbing them on our skin partially stops the invasion of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

But we cannot stop all the invaders. In particular, those invaders which live in our intestine or other cavities such as the mouth and the vagina, are almost impossible to dislodge.



We have recently learned that we may change the percentages of intestinal flora by ingesting a group of bacteria which we term “Probiotics” found in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sour krout, kim chee and different blue cheeses.

But it is absolutely impossible to make our internal and external environment free of invaders.

As we age, our defending “Immune Soldiers” who have a fixed life span begin to diminish in numbers and we become prone to diseases such as pneumonia, diverticulitis and a multitude of cancers.

Our only hope is to allow these soldiers to rest by slowing our metabolism. This process is called CALORIC RESTRICTION. By eating much less than normal, yet obtaining OPTIMAL NUTRITION, our soldiers survive and we survive. But the battle is unceasing.

The Sun shines daily. The rains come and go. And the infinite number of micro-organisms under the eternal pressure of a living planet where only “Life” is important, press on until they have destroyed their target.

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